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Everyday life can be hard

However hard you work, whatever you do, someone may tell you it isn't enough. It hurts when someone criticizes your work, you take it personally as if they have made a comment about you. Why is that? Why can't we just shrug it off accepting that this is just another opinion, or look at it objectively to see if it could be improved without accepting any feelings of inadequacy?

Usually if you take on board others negative feelings toward what you do or say it means you lack confidence and don't think you are good enough. I'm here to say you are good enough, few people deliberately make a mistake to stuff a company up, we are all human and learn as we go along. Can you imagine if someone told you when you were 12 months old that you were stupid trying to walk you didn't do it properly or you looked funny and laughed at you. At 18 months old you wouldn't have taken it personally and said to yourself "I'm no good at this stuff I don't know why I bother trying to walk, I'm an idiot"? Of course not, you just analysed what did and what didn't work right the first time and just got up again until you mastered it. This is the key to success, don't let others trample on you and break your spirit, you are beautiful, talented and learning. Rise to the challenge hold your head up high and achieve your goals.

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