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Hypnosis and food allergies

There are more and more articles on the internet, social media and magazines about concerns over the additives in our food and how we should go back to eating more natural organic products. I couldn't agree more and this is why.

Over the past few years I have been having problems with my stomach, being rushed into hospital with unexplained pain and and coping with un-predicable bowel movements resulting in having to stay indoors and missing out on some social activities. Just before Christmas I was diagnosed with Crohns and the prognosis was that my specialist wanted me to start taking a medication to reduce my immune system. Some of the side effects of this drug was to double the chance of me contracting lymphatic cancer and melanoma, and having to be more careful around other people who were sick as it would make me more susceptible to catching it.

After the initial shock I asked for once more test before I made the decision and I wanted it in six weeks time. In the meantime I put myself on a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free non- processed food diet. I also used self hypnosis and regression to help fight the "non-curable' disorder.

On Monday 16th January I had another colonoscopy, after my specialist was confused as my gut looked fine therefore I did not need to take any medication and the specialist didn't want to see me for a year unless systems came back. The added bonus is that I am also losing weight and feeling great.

My message from this is try it what have you got to lose?

Here's to great health Kymberley Carter-Paige

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