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The Christmas temptations

Well how did the Christmas festivities go? good I hope with family time and precious moments. What about the food, did you over indulge? Well it wouldn't be the same if we sat and ate a salad on Christmas day would it ? When eating a natural diet though it isn't as hard. Meat and vegetables are good and I went for a fresh fruit salad for desert, cream is fine if it is all natural and you don't have an intolerance to dairy. Christmas pudding and Mince pies, hmm well if the Christmas pudding was made by a family member with natural ingredients then choose that option rather than the mince pie which will be made from wheat which is likely to have been processed prior to becoming flour. Chocolates well yes I had a few, not as many as I would normally have but a few so I didn't feel too deprived. It was difficult for me to exercise due to being on crutches after an operation on my toe but I moved about as much as I could.. The secret is not starve yourself. Make sure you eat enough of the healthy foods to feel full including natural fats like avocado and coconut oils. Its all over now for another year so if you were not happy with what you ate forget about it and move on. I am finding that adding supplements to my diet and healthy fats I am not hungry and craving for unhealthy choices, unless I am bored. This is where the hypnotherapy comes in with me. In the past to relieve boredom (usually in the evenings) I ate it was a mind thing not a hunger thing, I also notice if I need to procrastinate on a task I don’t want to do I think “ohhh I’m hungry must go and find something to eat”. The hypnotherapy recordings are changing my mind set around this and can work on any area of your weight loss where your hunger is linked to an emotion. Since starting I have gone down a clothing size, the weight loss is slow and steady but remember this time and I am looking for a more permanent option and all the diets where I have lost weight fast have been unsuccessful long term. I guess only time will tell if this is going to work for me, hence the blog, I’m the guinea pig.

Happy New Year

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