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Find that silver lining to weight loss

Since my last Blog I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I have landed in hospital with severe stomach cramps for a few years now and nobody seemed to know what it was. Having medical insurance (Which i recommend if you can afford it) I booked to see a specialist for gut disorders and after many tests he has come to the above conclusion.

"What has this got to do with weight loss?" I hear you ask, well as you know I had already started my diet of hypnotherapy and clean natural healthy eating (read previous blogs). I had cut out wheat, dairy, sugar and processed foods, which was also having the effect of making my stomach grumpy. However since receiving the diagnosis and being told that my only option was to be put on medication that reduced my immune system which doubled my chance of Lymphatic cancer and melanoma (both my parents have had this so I am at risk anyway), I decided there had to be another way. I have asked the specialist to give me 6 weeks and then carry out another test to be sure. This will give me time to research if the condition can be managed holistically.

What I have found so far is where the link to weight loss is. It turns out that as Crohn's is an autoimmune disorder, diet and stress is a major factor. Removing chemicals, un-natural additives and going back to basics with diet and then add self hypnosis or meditation in the mix, has resulted in many people curing themselves. So I am on the right track it seems. So far I haven't found it too hard except when going out for meals. You do have to be prepared, breakfast and dinner (evening meal) are easy its the "What the hell do I take to work" is the hardest. I will follow this up with future blogs, but for now what I can say is I am feeling better and losing weight. I have also discovered the link between my disorder, diet and hormones which pay another significant factor in weight loss. So although I have been diagnosed with a nasty condition there is a silver lining and I am planning on being Healthy and slimmer as a result of my permanent changes.

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