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Weight Loss whilst on holiday

I have just come back from a holiday in the sun which would normally be a challenge when it comes to weight loss. Getting my head in the right space is definitely key to weight loss for me. Eating out was easy as I am enjoying eating healthy whole foods and I love fish which is handy as it is healthy. As for desert well no I didn't indulge, was it hard not to?, not really the key is if you eat the right foods for your body you begin to lose the cravings for the bad stuff. that's not to say I didn't look lovingly at an ice cream covered in chocolate sauce once, but I have found the tools to help me to resist.

I was away for a week and managed to lose 2 kilo's without really feeling I was on a diet. I did walk a lot more than my occupation normally allows me to, so I think that helped, movement is also key to weight loss, not necessarily working out in the gym just finding as many opportunities you can in the day to move. It is still early days but I have tried all the diets and felt deprived just counting down the time that I can come off the program. This one is different I am working with my head and listening to my body as I want the weight loss to be permanent. Did you know that 99% of all diets you will lose weight on at some point, however the most disturbing fact is that 93% of them you will put most of the weight back on if not all of it. I am looking for another way, so come with me on my journey and we will see if this one is different, I have high hopes at the moment.

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