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On the Road to Weight Loss

Having had a problem with weight for as long as I can remember, I have embarked on a new plan. Although I have found it hard to lose weight, I have managed to lose it many times over, only to watch it all pile back on again. I have tried almost every diet on the market, from Hormone drops, to Weight Watchers, Slimming world, shakes, low carb, Atkins, etc, etc. They all work, but every one of them I have hated and put the weight straight back on as soon as I have gone back to normal eating. And there lies the problem, normal eating. It is obviously the 'normal eating' that is the problem. As a general rule I eat a fairly healthy diet, however I have stress triggers which make me reach for the stodge, the sweet and the naughty. I have decided it is time to work on these stress triggers with Hypnosis. The key is recognising the trigger BEFORE it hits. Its kind of like when my dog sees a cat. Once he has seen it no matter what I say or do to distract him he goes mental barking and pulling on the lead ignoring every attempt I make to redirect his mind. However, if my dog knows I am carrying his ball in my hand and am ready to throw it as soon as a cat comes into site and distract him straight away he finds it easier to ignore the cat. The similarity for me if I turn up at a friends house and they offer me a cake or biscuits I am going to eat them, (sorry no will power). However if I know I am going to a friends house who is likely to offer me unhealthy snacks, I can prepare prior by either eating lunch or an apple before I go so I'm not hungry or ask them prior to please not offer me the foods. With my Hypnosis I am telling my subconscious mind that although I like sugary foods it is more important to me that I look and feel good in my clothes. In the past food has been a reward or a comfort, also to relive boredom. I am having to work through these issues as they arise, I am quite surprised at how many triggers I have where my subconscious mind says to my conscious mind "oh that's OK have a biscuit and you will feel better" or "I'm bored what can I eat?"

This is only the beginning and I have a long way to go, but I am interested in the experiment using myself as the guinea pig to see if I can sustain the weight loss once and for all.

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