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Fed up with the mundane? Then take action

After having the opportunity to speak at the amazing Inspire Symposium in Rotorua today it was great to be among so many talented Entrepreneurs. The message from all was clear, stop moaning or dreaming and take action. We can justify in so many ways why we are not progressing. Our working lives are so busy, you are too tired to do anything after a long hard day at work, or you can't afford to do anything else. All the time we keep repeating these beliefs and affirmations to ourselves we are calling the Law of Attraction to just repeat and give us more of what we have, not what we want. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to lowering our glass ceiling and procrastinating on taking the opportunity to live the life of our dreams. It is all very well attending workshops to be motivated and inspired but unless you are prepared to set some realistic goals and stick to them, then nothing is going to change. Hypnosis and meditation can help you to break free of those ingrained habits or beliefs that you can't achieve your dreams. I sympathise with people who work full time and hate their jobs BUT moaning about it will not change anything; in fact it will just attract more of the same. Switch off the T.V for 1 to 2 hours per night and work towards something that you really want to do. The internet is an amazing place with so much information on anything you want to learn about. If you spend a couple of hours a day every day you will soon become an expert if the field that you are interested in, which could allow you to move from your employed position to a position where you can build up a business to work for yourself doing what you love. So stop just wishing it could be different, take action and make it happen.

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