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Ego states are internal parts of ourselves that develop during traumatic experiences to protect us. However, these parts can remain within us, potentially causing distressing symptoms later in life when their protective mechanisms clash with our current way of living.

Clients often ask CATCH hypnotherapists, "Where are these parts inside me?" We explain that they reside deep within your chest, solar plexus, or stomach.

If you've faced significant trauma, you might have coped well initially. Over time, though, you may find yourself becoming emotional about certain triggers, with reactions in daily life escalating. Here's what's happening:

Imagine every hurtful or overwhelming experience in your life as a polaroid picture taken in that moment, each tagged with an emotion like fear, anger, guilt, or injustice. These emotional snapshots are metaphorically stored in a cupboard within you, securely shut away.

Initially, if you've had only a few traumas, the cupboard stays closed. Occasionally, you might open it briefly, acknowledge those emotions, and then close it again, returning to daily routines. Yet, with each new trauma, another emotional snapshot is added, filling the cupboard until it overflows.

As the cupboard fills, emotions spill out uncontrollably, causing a chaotic cycle of anger, fear, depression, grief, and loss. Managing these emotions becomes exhausting, leading to physical symptoms like pain, high blood pressure, and fatigue.

Eventually, the cupboard metaphorically bursts open, overwhelming you with a flood of unresolved emotions. At this point, apathy often sets in—a common sign of PTSD.

How CATCH Hypnotherapy Can Help

As a CATCH hypnotherapist I can offer compassionate support in navigating this emotional landscape. I will help you confront each polaroid and its associated emotion, understanding their origins and addressing their needs. Some emotions may be appeased simply by acknowledging them, while others may require deeper exploration and resolution.

My goal is to help you clear this internal space so that you can choose to fill it with joy, happiness, and positivity. Whether your emotional "cupboard" feels overwhelming or you're just beginning to notice its contents, contact me today for a free consultation. I'm here to guide you toward healing and reclaiming control over your emotional well-being.

Crisis and Trauma Clinical Hypnotherapy

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PTSD is not a life sentence! It is a subconscious injury which requires a subconscious therapy! Clinical hypnotherapy has been used for more than a century to successfully eliminate crippling PTSD symptoms, no matter how chronic, even during World War One and Two, and the Vietnam war.

Emotional trauma/moral injury is the cause of PTSD. Multiple or prolonged trauma leads to Complex PTSD, which is when so many sufferers are told they are “too broken to treat”. This is simply not true. Clinical hypnotherapy can give a PTSD sufferer their life back, in weeks, no matter how long they have been struggling. It is a gentle, deeply relaxing, therapy that does not require endless talking.

As a CATCH Therapist I understand that substance abuse goes hand-in-hand with PTSD/CPTSD, because sometimes it is the only way to maintain a level of normality. It is a coping mechanism which no PTSD sufferer is expected to give up BEFORE treatment. After all, that is why you NEED treatment.

When anger is not anger

One of the main symptoms of PTSD is anger.

Many of the labels attached to people who have PTSD-symptoms explain different levels of anger. Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). Disruptive Mood Disregulation Disorder (DMDD). Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). They are just labels.

Anger is highly disruptive, not only for the person who is experiencing it – in that it clouds all reason, makes the heart race and blood pressure soar – but also for everyone around the person, who might not even see it coming, and be totally bewildered by the sudden change of demeanour, especially children.

You might not even know why you are angry. It might surge out of nowhere just because somebody did or said something, or you saw something, but with no frame of reference to explain it. So let me explain it. 

Many people seek to play anger down. They might use the word ‘spike’ instead of an explosion of anger. ‘Oh, I just spike, but then I am fine,’ they might say. But to the people on the end of that anger, it is not just a ‘spike’.

For you, it is a clear sign that there is something amiss inside the body. The upset and trauma of the past is derailing something inside of you.

While women may express anger far more openly, men are prone to turn it inwards, suppress it, perhaps because they are afraid what they might do if it gets out of control. This can cause Vesuvius-like feelings, and the person might feel as if they are walking a tightrope not to release it.

This is very dangerous to the body. Not only will it play havoc with blood pressure, it creates a massive increased risk of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Pressure is literally being internalised. The part which is sending these feelings of anger into the self becomes infuriated at being ignored. It then ramps up the anger.

Anger can be viewed as potentially dangerous by others.  Some therapists or residential treatment centres will not treat people who are exhibiting anger symptoms. They demand the person get rid of their anger first, or attend anger management sessions to control it. What these people are not understanding is that our body controls us, and not the other way around. If we try to impose control, without listening, or resolving any issues, we will fail. The anger IS THE REASON the person needs therapy in the first place.

As a Catch hypnotherapist, I understand this. I understand anger is a symptom, not the problem.

Generally anger masks a NEED in the body which is not being, or has not been, met. A lack of security, a lack of support, a lack of love.

The body reasons it is better to feel anger, which is a strong and active emotion, rather than fear, loss, guilt or intense sadness, which is perceived as weak.

Catch hypnotherapists call this therapy ‘hostage negotiation meets couples’ counselling.’ There are two people inside everyone – if not more. One that is trying to go forward and leave the past behind, and at least one who is not prepared to let that happen until the past has been resolved. That part, or those parts, literally have all the levers and switches inside you and can hold a metaphorical knife to your throat – and will – unless you turn all your attention on it, and listen.

In the conscious state you might listen but can’t hear anything. You need hypnotherapy to be able to go down and listen to the demands clearly. Hypnotherapy is  like setting up a phone line with a hostage taker. The minute it is working you can begin to hear why he is doing what he is doing, what his drivers are, why he is upset, and you can speak back. That’s where the couples’ counselling (internal parts) angle comes in. What does each side need? Where can compromise be made? To find balance, the body needs to see things from both points of view. That is what Catch hypnotherapy can provide. It doesn’t take long to get that information, just as it doesn’t take long to start speaking to a hijacker. But the minute you stop listening, seem to lose attention, don’t pay any interest any more, it ramps up the anger levels again – starts shooting hostages.

Catch hypnotherapy is a delicate process. As a Catch hypnotherapist I can lead you through a series of sessions to allow a full and frank exchange of views between you and the part or parts inside of you, to find the compromise you both need to let go of that anger, and bring your life back into balance.

Let me help you – anyway you need.

I am here to help.

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PTSD is like a string of fairy lights

Everything Catch hypnotherapists have learned about PTSD, they have learned from their clients. All Catch hypnotherapists are literally learning from the horse’s mouth, in terms of how PTSD feels, what causes it, and how one eliminates it.

Sometimes, clients see and feel the most amazing things which not only put all their symptoms into context, but also switch off every single one of them.

Here is one client’s story, explaining what he saw, and how it helped him turn off all PTSD symptoms, instantly. 

One Catch hypnotherapy client, a US Marine, who was suffering severe PTSD, was taken into deep relaxation using hypnosis. Rather than following anything that was being said, he reported that he suddenly felt like he was sitting on a string of fairy lights, and every single light around him represented something that had happened to him, that was difficult, sad, scary or traumatic.

He said he found himself moving down this string of fairy lights, seeing each incident in his mind, as he went back through all the years of his life.

He said it felt like a dream, where everything was happening around him, and he was not controlling it in any way. As he got further and further down the string, he realized his own body was getting smaller and younger, which fascinated him.

He was getting down to the very last few lights on the string of fairy lights, basically the very first things that had happened to him, and he said he suddenly saw the plug, and he instinctively knew that was the first time he had ever been scared; terrified.

“That fear, that feeling I might not survive, was the energy fuelling the fear in every other scary situation that had occurred in my life, like electricity to those lights” he said. ‘And I just knew that I had to pull the plug, now I had seen it and understood that.’

He said he could hear the hypnotherapist’s voice, talking about something completely different, as he reached out and pulled the plug out of the wall. All the lights on the string of fairy lights went out, and all the fear and anxiety he had been experiencing disappeared.

In CATCH hypnotherapy we don’t ask a client what is happening in their mind during hypnotherapy, and there is no requirement to share anything afterwards. It is private. But when this client came back to the fully conscious state, like waking up from a sleep, he was eager to explain what had happened. He said he felt totally different, like everything had been explained to him, and he could let it go. Now, years later, he has had no return of any symptoms. He no longer suffers from crippling, unexplained, emotions or physical symptoms, or flashbacks, which had become almost constant. He feels his reactions to events in life are normal now, and that he got his life back.

Our minds are amazing places. If you would like to explore yours, contact me for a free consultation, and see what CATCH hypnotherapy can do for you. It isn’t over until you begin!

What is involved?

The C.A.T.C.H program consists of 6 sessions (or more if desired) where you are guided into a deeply relaxed state where you are able to access your IFS (Internal Family Systems) or 'Internal Parts' to learn, understand and adjust underied triggers and behaviours. This may include (Depending on your individual needs):


  • Overwhelm and Brain Fog

  • Self Acceptance

  • Anger

  • Guilt and Shame

  • Fear and Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Fear of Judgement

  • Relationships

  • Addiction

  • Insomnia

  • Self-Esteem

  • Confidence

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Ready to jump in?

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This is a 6 session program.

The 1st  session  $250 (allow up to 2 hours)

Subsequent sessions $160 a session

Or, for more information on how you can finally take back control of your Mind and your Life

contact me below

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